This is the one where we talk about light becoming the subject of the photo. Sometimes the light is just so amazing that we want to bottle it up, and this is the closest to that we can get. Crinkled sheets alone don't make for the best photo subject, but throw in some pretty light, coming through the leaves outside and hitting the sheets just so, and you have yourself a photo worth taking. 

It's that captivating light, that flickers around on the wall, convincing you to stay in bed with your cup of tea 'just a little bit longer'- we don't know about you, but we can sit there forever admiring it. We guess it's kind of a good thing that it only lasts a little while each day, otherwise we wouldn't get any work done!

Some rooms get particularly pretty light at certain times of the day. Kate's lounge room (above) gets the most amazing light in the afternoon, and many pretty light photos have been taken in that room. It can make an otherwise mundane subject look amazing.

While neither of us are big fans of lace curtains in everyday life, the way the light is hitting them here, bringing out every little detail in the pattern, makes us love them after all. When we are shooting pretty light, we always meter for somewhere where the light is hitting, this usually means the rest of the scene falls into shadow, but that's part of the look we are going for, and why your eye goes straight to that lovely sparkly light. Kate metered for the curtains in the area the light is hitting them in this photo.

The light is so pretty in Kate's kitchen in the morning, and is the subject of the many of her photos. Kate has metered for the light (hitting the jars), because it's is the subject of this photo. Don't be scared of having big dark areas in your images, be a little daring and make a statement!

Our final word on Sparkly light. This is something that is around you most days (unless is MEGA greyland). It is the thing we find most magical about our everyday. The way light hits the things around us stop us in our tracks, make our heart skip a beat or just make us smile.

We have to slow down a little to see it. So please try to.


Let's recap…

Homework Time!

Have you slowed down? Have you witnessed some of this little bit of everyday magic? Photograph it! This is one you will really notice the difference metering makes coming into play!