Learn How to Take Ace Photos of Your Life

The fun, interactive online version of our in-person classes, access delivered straight to your email and available to you to flip through and print to your hearts content!

Our online course will to teach you all how easy it is to get the best out of you and your camera, be it your phone (that is what we both use for our everyday pics) or your big fancy DSLR (if you don't have a DSLR you can just use your point and shoot). We promise our class teaches you in the funnest and friendliest way possible. No getting in trouble. Just fun!

In this course we will cover, using your phone, composition, editing and finding THE LIGHT (those of you who are familiar with us know we are slightly obsessed with pretty light). Once we have mastered the principles of taking an ace photo with your phone, we will get started learning the basics of using your DSLR.

At the end of each chapter is a fun task to get you out and about using your newfound skills.

Here are some screenshots of the class...


This was the perfect workshop for someone like me. I like to call myself The Fluketographer. I have a pretty good eye and can cobble together shots I like, but I wanted to dig a bit deeper. The Photo School is an excellent all-round run-down of where I should be starting, how I can improve (practically) and what my next steps should be. Shazam. It’s totally non-scary. No question is too derp-y. And everyone is supportive and kind.
— Pip Lincolne guys have created something quite brilliant there!! It was clear. The examples were SO well presented and thought out and delivered!! Great order and easy to work through at my own speed. I have been thinking about leading lines so so so much more .... that was the one that really got me!!
— Julia Atkinson
I’m so inspired after your amazing course, not just by the information but by you two lovely people also. It really was a wonderful day and has had such a positive impact on me. It’s so obvious you guys love what you do and it seriously rubs off. Authentic passion is pretty powerful. Thanks so much.
— Yvette Brindle
I’m seeing lines, grids, curves and colour everywhere I go. Feeling inspired and enjoying exploring Melbourne’s inner city laneways. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge, tips & tricks.
— Emma Rowe
Thank you Kate and Peta for an awesome class! Although I’ve been shooting manual for a few years now, I was lacking inspiration and The Photo School reignited that for me! 
— Belinda Vaughan
Would HIGHLY recommend The Photo School. Stay tuned for more of my photo achievements!
— Lucy Coxall