Overcast … is moooody.

Overcast days may get a bit annoying to live in throughout the winter months, but they are good for something... that nice, even overcast light.

On overcast days the clouds act as a giant diffuser, which makes the light really even and cuts out all the harsh shadows. This means you can shoot out in the open all through the day - yay!

Overcast light gives that moody, wintery vibe to your photos. Especially fitting if you're moody or it's wintery.

The light on overcast days is super easy to meter for. Because of the lack of contrast, you can't really go wrong when metering. Just go for a mid grey and you will be on your way.

Colour looks so good in overcast light. The grey sky really makes the colour pop out and become a feature of the photo.

In misty situations like the photo below, metering gets a little trickier. If you want to get the details of the shapes in the mist, it may take more time to hit the sweet spot with metering where the exposure is right and the details in the mist is still visible. Kate exposed for the grey in the trees in the mist, rather than the greys in the trees/rocks in the foreground that she would otherwise meter for.

Overcast light is perfect for shooting portraits in. Its soft, even light is super flattering, even for those of us that aren't as insanely cute as this little person below. You can shoot portraits just about anywhere on an overcast day, just make sure you have enough light. Shooting down an alleyway or under a thick canopy in the forest may not give you enough light, and things may start getting a little blurry.

Let's recap...

Overcast Homework

This one shouldn't be too difficult for those of us in the Southern Hemisphere at the moment!

When shooting your overcast assignment, try and use the things that make overcast awesome. As sometimes subjects can look dull when you're not using the overcast assets to their greatest advantage. Look for mood, colour or shoot a pretty person in some soft light. Easy!