This is just a tiny bonus section, it is in no way a food photography class. But we thought we would share a few little tips with you.

Our big rule when photographing food is to ask ourselves - "do I want to eat this when I look at this photo?" If the answer is no, then just keep it in the camera roll. Here are some examples of yum and yuck food photos. 

Our main tips for photographing food are:

• Find yourself some nice filtered light, not too harsh, but with some depth - think soft rembrandtish pretty light

• Use things like tea towels, boards and plates to direct the eye and frame the food. Nice natural materials are best

• When in doubt try shooting from above (Peta employs this technique for photographing babies too, we suppose they are pretty yummy as well!). This always seems to work, there is just something so cool and graphic about Birds Eye photos. It cuts down on unnecessary background clutter too - bonus for messy kitchens! Plus Wes Anderson is a giant fan, who could argue with that genius?? Kate has a designated stool for the task, just make sure to have a spotter if you are a tad clumsy like us!

Homework Time!

Shoot some of your yummy food! It's far less embarrassing doing this in your own kitchen than the restaurant down the road! Plus we are sure your home cooking is even more amazing than theirs!