How Cameras Work

Well this is quite a massive undertaking trying to explain this. We are going to give you our usual rundown of how we see this little equation, but we will also add some links to some videos you can watch that we think might be helpful to you.

How We Shoot

We are both (this sounds weird typing it, but I guess it is true) professional (ha!) photographers. We get paid by people to shoot stuff with our cameras. It is a pretty great job, we are very lucky.

Now you may think because we are fancy pro photographers we would shoot on manual all the time. This isn't so! No, we don't shoot on AUTO either, we shoot in a setting called Aperture Priority. (AV setting on Canon and A on Nikon, other cameras also have this setting, you might need to consult your manual or google).

This setting is awesome, it gives you full creative control of depth of field, but it does the work of changing the shutter speed for you. Some of the even fancier cameras will change the ISO for you too, oh lah lah.

So pop your camera on Aperture Priority and see how you go, once we have explained further how these three suckers work together.

We have found a really great video (the guy is a little daggy) but he knows what he talking about and he will really help you, you might like to check out some of his other videos too!