All isn't lost when you want to take a portrait on a sunny day though, you just have to...

Walls and eaves create perfect little pockets of shade that you can pop your subject in. All that bright light outside your shady spot acts as a great giant reflector, bouncing a super even, pretty light back towards your subject. 

You can see this in effect in the photo below. Little Pepper is standing in the shade cast by the pink wall, and Kate is standing in the sun shooting in towards her. Behind Kate is a row of bright buildings acting as the reflector, you can actually kind of see them reflecting in the pink tile above Pepper's head in the photo.

In this photo, the shady pocket is created by the Eaves outside the tyre shop, Peta is standing in the sun, shooting in towards the girls.

Not only is shooting next to walls great for finding a good little spot of light to shoot in, but we love to photograph kids next to walls because it removes all the distractions that are usually around, and lets you focus on the cute little people themselves. Looking out for walls that are textural and colourful and fun to shoot in front of is a pastime in itself for us ;)

Get Shady Homework

Grab a cutie or two and find some shade! Look for fun spots to shoot your subjects, like this one Peta took of Maya and Pepper on our road trip to Uluru. How clever is she!

You might find a wall that has the perfect colour to match on outfit, or a pretty stand of trees. Keep your eyes peeled, there are awesome backdrops around us everywhere!