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Exposure Meter

In Aperture Priority mode, the camera always exposes for what it sees to be perfect exposure - so long as the little needle is on 0, in the middle of the meter above. You can force the camera to compensate for if you want the photos to be exposed darker or lighter, by setting the needle either lower (you want the images to be darker) or higher (you want them to be lighter). We nearly always just leave ours on 0 though. Sometimes you can accidentally knock the controls and have the needle compensating without you realising, so every time you go to shoot, just make sure it's set to the middle point of the meter. There should be one in the viewfinder when you have your camera up to your eye, and one on the little display on your camera. As with all the points in this lesson, we are going to ask you to google How to set exposure meter your camera model here as we can't give directions for every type of camera here!

White Balance

When we have met with the lovely people in our day workshops, quite a few of them have asked why their photos have a certain colour cast. It is all to do with this little sucker here, White Balance! If you set your White Balance to auto, your life will change, well your photo life. You camera will then work in any lighting situation, no more blue, yellow or green colour casts! Google how to set your camera's White Balance, and off you go!


Focus Type 

We both use center focus on our cameras, which means we always have the focal point set on the centre point. We put what we would like in focus in the the centre of the frame, press the button halfway down, so the camera focusses on the object and then, still pressing the button halfway (don't press down fully or take finger off) recompose our shot to how we would like it AND shoot!