BIG CAMERA / little camera

We hope you’ve had fun wrangling that big ol' camera of yours with your new tricks you’ve learnt in Aperture Priority mode. We thought we’d make our last lesson of the class a few words about when we use our big cameras vs when we use our little cameras, and set you an assignment to compare the two.

We are pretty lucky with camera phones these days (especially iPhones, sorry droidies!). They are amazing little cameras, they may not be the most high-tech option around, but they have a nice individual quality of their own that was lacking in affordable cameras/camera phones over the last decade - we kind of think of them as the Polaroids of the 21st century - most of us have one on us all the time, and with a bit of an understanding of how to create a good image with light and composition anyone can get a great photo with them. 

If you enjoy lugging around a big ol' ‘real camera’ by all means, do it, but if you are like us and feel weighed down by them in your travels and every day life, don’t think you can’t get ace photos! The best camera is the one you have with you, being able to go about life and snap the beauty that pops up around you without much extra effort is an amazing thing. 

There are times that you are going to get better pictures if you do take along that Big Camera though, of course we always use one for our pro photography work (although we have both had iPhone pictures published in print without anyone knowing they were from a phone!). We also take the big camera if we are going somewhere specially to take pictures (visiting a friend with a new baby seems to be a common one). We both tend to leave our cameras at home when we have been invited to a party or event as a guest, otherwise it ends up turning into a job, but if you specifically want to get lots of fancy shots of an event and don’t mind being Event Photographer, then take it along!

Homework Time!

Snap the same thing with your phone and your real camera, both cameras have their own special qualities, it's good to be friends with both!