Kate Berry is a photographer based near Daylesford in regional Victoria. She is passionate about baking, cooking and pretty light.

Kate runs two blogs: Lunchlady, which documents her daily ritual of preparing school lunches and other meals for four little girls. She also runs The Other Kate Berry with UK photographer Kate Berry, which involves them each posting one pic every day from their opposite ends of the globe.

Kate spent her early years on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula before moving to Melbourne after she finished school. For the majority of her ‘grown up’ life Kate worked as a graphic designer in agencies in Melbourne, Sydney and London before she opened Switchboard – a hole-in-the-wall café in Melbourne’s CBD with a cult following.

In 2007, after selling Switchboard, she sold the majority of her possessions and threw the rest into three skips and moved to the country, committed to living a life with less. 



Peta Mazey lives in a cute wee house in the cute wee city of Wellington, New Zealand. Like Kate, Peta takes photos for a living, and is a nerd about taking photos of pretty things in pretty light.

Peta takes photos of kids, families and weddings as well as working with her commercial clients to create fun campaign imagery. She once wrote a book on how to take great photos with a DSLR camera for every-day people, which you can still spot in bookshops if you keep your eye out! 

Peta goes through fits and starts of keeping a photoblog chronicling her shoots and travels - perhaps she can learn a few things from her friend Kate and give it some love.

Peta is a born and bred Wellingtonian, but before she moved to the city she lived on a little farm amongst chickens, sheep and horses while she was studying Graphic Design at uni. She nannied for the cutest little kids through uni and turned her camera on them heaps, by the time she graduated in 2007, Graphic Design had fallen to the wayside and she was running her photography business full time. 

Peta loves traveling and can’t wait to get out and see more of the ace stuff this crazy world has to show off!